Have a little inspiration with your morning coffee!

While at Life Enforcement’s 2017 Friends and Family Christmas Dinner, Urban Fuel Coffee House owner, Terri Deanovich had a spark of inspiration. As a thank you to their volunteers, Life Enforcement handed out TCO’d coffee mugs with trinkets in them.”

Terri said she fell in love with our quote “Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself.” When she saw this, she knew that she needed those mugs at her shop, so she reached out to Life Enforcement and came up with a plan to serve her in-house coffee in the TCO’d mugs and to also sell them at her coffee house!

Terri would like to give the opportunity to own a mug to everyone.  Life Enforcement advocates others to be generous, kind and to Take Care of Others or as we put it TCO’d. Terri felt that our mission tied right into hers. The goal is to sell an amazing cup of Urban Fuel coffee in this great mug, the mug of course is yours to keep for $10 including coffee. In Terri’s words. “You get an amazing cup of coffee and inspiration!”

Terri and Urban Fuel are a part of Life Enforcement in many ways. Not only is Terri a Life Enforcement member who attends meetings and joins many of our community outreach opportunities, but now she is taking part in the Discounts with Kindness campaign. We look forward to this and many more partnerships with Urban Fuel and Terri Deanovich.