“We are the average of the five people we most associate with.” Jim Rohn

I’m continually surprised by how easy it is to reject the sound advice we hear from multiple, successful people when one person plants a seed of doubt. While reading a leadership book the other day, I googled a quote and found countless articles from credible sources – Forbes, Inc, Business Insider, etc – supporting the idea. On top of that, the book I was reading is by a published author who has successfully trained C-Level Executives, salespeople, and world leaders. Yet I read one item from a guy with no accreditation other than a degree, and I began to doubt.

Then I realized he was the only author on the site and that site was his personal psychology blog. While I don’t doubt his intelligence, I don’t know his track record, his experience, or his authority on the matter.

Why was I listening to this one gentleman rather than the likes of Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, John C. Maxwell, personal mentors, and more? Have you ever experienced similar?

It has been said that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. In conjunction, highly experienced and successful people who have duplicated results over decades are more reliable sources than inexperienced and poorly learned associations who have never applied the principles about which they write or speak.

My point: Be cautious with whom you associate and from whom you take advice.

Are those people on a path or have they reached a destination that you desire? Do their actions mirror their words? Do they have fruit on their tree or shriveled, bitter semblances of what could be?

If you want to Take Care of Others and practice the TCO’D, you need to make sure that you are filling your tank and feeding and watering your life with the proper, uplifting, and inspirational voices and influences to keep that energy and momentum moving in the right direction.

Remember to be kind and TCO’D it!


Dan loves building relationships and encouraging others. Transforming and empowering our community alongside Life Enforcement is one of his dreams. He thrives when learning and sharing that knowledge. Nearly two years into marriage, he has A WHOLE lot more to learn and is enjoying this period in life as family takes second in his “Five F’s” (see profile). Dan has led various sales teams, served as president of multiple organizations, taught in formal and informal classroom settings, and has coached in athletics. He has also presented at leadership conferences and workshops on college campuses, high schools, middle schools, churches, and for sales seminars. Dan currently works for Federated Insurance and regularly mentors a group of high schoolers and college students looking to grow and excel. Dan and his wife, Kayla, also own Rosenblatt Leadership.

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