Keep K9 Officer Ben Hardgrove and K9 Packo in your prayers, today and everyday hereafter.

6K9 Packo has given his life to the community of Fond du Lac and surrounding areas. Literally. He was trained at a young age and saw his End of Watch at 10+ years of age on December 10, 2015.

Officer Ben Hardgrove and K9 Packo are leaders amongst fellow Fond du Lac Police Department Officers and are looked up to by Officers and K9 Handlers far and wide. They had an incredible work ethic, amazing teamwork, communication, and a mutual respect you could see during their performance of duties.

In K9 Packo’s career he has helped find and take numerous bad guys off of our city streets, he has used his keen sense of smell and extensive training to find narcotics that otherwise would have gone undetected, removing them from our city streets, he has protected us throughout all hours of the night, and it has not gone unnoticed.

Officer K9 Packo had a kind heart and loved with all he could, yet he could still snap into assertive work mode immediately upon command from his trusted K9 Handler, Officer Ben Hardgrove. Make no mistake, Officer K9 Packo was a Fond du Lac Police Department Officer and not simply a K9. He was family and still is, as he watches over us from now until eternity.

As a Fond du Lac Police Department Officer myself, I know first hand the value of this amazing team that was Officer Ben Hardgrove and Officer K9 Packo. I, as well as many other officers, both junior and senior to these partners, looked to them for leadership and guidance. Especially when it came to setting up perimeters, tracking an individual or drug related traffic stops where their expertise was invaluable.

IMG_3238They were confident in their trust for one another. I learned this several years back when attempting to track down a fleeing subject. Intelligence had led us to the residence of an associate of the suspect. I was there first, speaking with the person who lived at that residence and was told that the suspect was not and had not been at the residence. Then Officer Ben Hardgrove and Officer K9 Packo walked up to the bottom of the porch stairs as I stood at the top speaking with the residence owner. Officer Hardgrove sternly said that the suspect was in the residence. I advised that the person I had spoken to said otherwise. Officer Hardgrove explained that Officer K9 Packo tracked the suspect’s scent and foot tracks to that residence and he definitely had been or currently was in that specific residence shortly thereafter the suspected incident.

Officer Hardgrove trusted his partner Officer K9 Packo and did not waiver in what they believed to be fact. It convinced me and at that moment, I knew I needed to change my line of questioning. I again questioned the homeowner with this new found information and was advised that the subject had been there and that subject had lied to me initially. From that moment, I grew to trust those two as much as I respected them.

Thank you for your service. Thank you for continuously training to hone your senses and skills. Thank you for protecting us both day and night. And we here at Life Enforcement pray that peace finds you Officer K9 Packo and you as well Officer Ben Hardgrove.

We have found many sentiments that were posted online throughout the years, although many could not be shared here due to privacy settings. But we pulled together a few of the public posts that gave thanks and honored this amazing team. This community and those far and near, have obviously been impacted by the great work of you two. Prayers and peace be with you.


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