From Smiles to Starvation

From a simple smile to feeding the hungry, we will explore what a leader looks like, two individuals who have inspired millions during and after their lifetimes, and share practical ways you can go about impacting your community today.

Before we do, let’s take am moment for a quick exercise that should get the thought juices flowing.

Think of three individuals who have had the most impact on your life up until this point. Stop. Think. Don’t continue reading. Who are three individuals that have had the most impact on your life? I’ve got mine. Do you have yours? Write them down. Do it now. Seriously. Do it.

Now let’s think. What do they all have in common? Think about it. Take a minute or two. Write down three ways they are similar.

I’d be willing to bet that those three people love you, they have sacrificed for you, and they are willing to go out of their way to help you. You have probably learned from them. They have probably been there for you during a hard time. And they have probably inspired you in more ways than one. In the purest sense, they have influenced you.

Now what in the world does that have to do with what a leader looks like? They’ve influenced you. And if you recall from our last article (LINK to LAST ARTICLE), influence is leadership. Those individuals have been or currently still serve as leaders in your life. Though they are flawed human beings walking the same journey we call life, they have had an impact on you. And they see value in you. Similar to how I see value in you. The three people on your list are leaders; because they care, and because they have TCO’d you.

Want to know a secret? Leadership is not positional; it is relational. A leader can take the form of a parent, a coach, a teacher, a mentor, or a myriad of other “positions”. Leadership is not about position. That means it doesn’t matter if we are the Mayor of Monopoly-Town or the custodian’s assistant. What matters is how we positively impact the lives of those around us. A leader can simply be someone who brings a smile to people’s faces.

  1. imageSo if leadership is influence, and we influence the lives of others every day, by definition, that means we are leaders. And good leaders seek opportunities to continually grow and develop those around us. We intentionally pursue those opportunities. We take action rather than waiting for action to take us. We celebrate small victories until they become big victories. We practice the TCO’d.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Theresa didn’t just wake up one day and decide they were going to be famous leaders. They may never have woken up and had that thought. Perhaps they simply thought they were ordinary people like you and me, helping one person at time. And by taking care of the needs in front of them, they are leaders that our world will never forget.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”


MLKJ and Mother T gave to others; they sacrificed for others; and they didn’t let fear stop them from stepping outside of their comfort zones. Neither should you. Some days surely were harder than others just like they will be for you and for me, but that doesn’t mean we stop serving. We need to continue TCO’ding our family, our friends, our neighbors, and complete and total strangers who need our help.

Those strangers are our neighbors. And when we help a neighbor, they become our friend. They potentially become our family. And we can become one of three people on their list one day when they read this article. But we need to Take Care Of them first. Follow the TCO’d.

What does a leader look like? You. Are you willing to do what it takes to lead well?

Action Steps:

1. TCO’d someone. Today. Sooner rather than later.
2. Help us Help Others: Share this article, share our website, or share an encouraging message below.
3. Share one of the individuals you wrote down earlier with us in the comments below and a brief comment about how they’ve impacted your life.
4. Thank that person face-to-face.
5. Be that person for someone else.
6. Leave any additional comments, questions, or ideas for future topics below. We’d love to hear what you’re experiencing right now and how we can help.

About the Author:


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