What is Leadership?

Leadership in its purest form is influence.

leadership-is-influenceThe ability to influence individuals, teams, and communities of people with the words we say and the actions we perform. Taking Care Of those around us, TCO’ding, is leadership. TCO’ding requires action.

Leadership is a six year old girl in our community learning about orphans first hand and being so heartbroken that she was compelled to act, hand-making dolls and selling them to provide funding for food, clothing, and other basic needs. Leadership is a young man in our community seeing a skinny, poorly clothed, and bed-headed teen at a lunch table all by himself, and choosing to go join that young man, getting to know him, and becoming his friend. Leadership is when you get a text late at night from a friend who is at the park and ready to end their life, and you go there to simply be with them.

Leadership is seeing a need and practicing the TCO’d. Leadership is doing the right thing – always. That doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes, but it does mean when we have a choice, and we know the easy path isn’t the right choice, we take the high road, the road less traveled.

No one is born a leader. People become leaders through conscious effort. You were created with specific traits and characteristics that give you a unique ability to reach groups of people that no one else can. If you don’t TCO’d those individuals and groups, your talent and “potential” are wasted. You will need to work hard to develop that potential. Use it to improve the lives of those around you.

At a leadership conference my wife and our team attended, John C. Maxwell shared that at one point in his life, for thirty days, he repeated the phrase, “Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now…” out loud fifty times in the morning and fifty times in the evening. You read correctly, that’s 100 times a day! The difference between intention and impact is action. I challenge you to repeat this process yourself.

Didn’t start this morning? Do it now.

influence1We don’t get a choice whether or not we will have influence. We all have influence. The question is whether we will choose to be a positive or negative one. People around us are influenced by our every action. Smiles are much more beneficial than frowns; compliments better than sarcastic comments or belittling words; polite behavior and respect over unruliness and being salty. Others see how we behave and it impacts their lives. That is influence. That is leadership.

The world needs leaders. The future is now. It starts with one changed person; one group; one community at a time. The choice is yours.

Join us next month when we’ll discuss what a leader looks like. Until then, will you step up and be the leader your community and the world needs you to be?

Action Steps:
1. TCO’d. Take Care Of someone!

2. Spread the word: Share this article, share our website, or share an encouraging message below.

3. Leave your comments, questions, or ideas for future topics below. We’d love to hear from you and address real issues and questions you’re facing.

4. Do it now. Accept this challenge. For the next 30 days, repeat this phrase in the morning 50 times and in the evening 50 times. It will take a maximum of 30 seconds in the morning and 30 seconds in the evening but will have tremendous impact on your life and the lives of those around you. You will be surprised at how quickly you begin to see change and development occurring in your life.

About the Author:

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