Pronounced: /T-Code/

verb: To purposefully  ” Take Care Of” something or someone with a Selfless Act of Kindness.


This series has been inspired by Life Enforcement and the incredible deeds they are performing in our community every day. Sharing my leadership skills with you through writing to help you develop as a leader is one way I am practicing the TCO’d in our community.

Why are you here?

My name is Dan Rosenblatt; and I’m on your team. Whether we know one another or not, we’re a lot alike. Both of us deserve love and respect. We want a place called home; and we want to matter to somebody. Deep down we all want to feel understood. We want to make a difference. And we can.

I’m just your average guy; and we likely know many of the same people. Besides a few years in La Crosse and six months in Mexico, Fond du Lac has been my home for what I like to call, “my entire memorable life.” That is, since I was four. You and I have walked the same halls, likely had the same teachers and coaches, and have eaten at the same restaurants. Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese from Gille’s, a late night burrito from Mazatlán, of a cinnamon roll the size of your face (head when you’re four) from Schreiner’s. If you’re not from Fond du Lac, change the town to Albuquerque and the restaurants to Al’s, Annie’s, or Mo’s and stay with me. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. People are people wherever you go.

Like me, you’ve probably witnessed people in your community with great needs: children without fathers; families without food, shelter, or clothing; somebody down and out of their luck looking for a job; a single parent working too many jobs just to stay afloat; a friend, family member, or neighbor with a mental illness; an adult or child with cancer. We could go on all day. The point is, there are some serious needs all around us.

And we have the skills, resources, and knowledge that WHEN APPLIED can meet those needs.

That’s why Rosenblatt Leadership Development has partnered with Life Enforcement. The goal is to exercise my writing and leadership skills to make an impact on your life by educating, motivating, and encouraging you. Over the next year, we will go through a journey focusing on leadership development and investing in yourself, so that you can make a difference in the lives of others. Along the way, we will help you to hone your skills, resources, and knowledge; and most importantly, to APPLY.

LEADERSHIP MAINAre you tired of seeing people hungry or lacking clothing and housing? Are you fed up with no one lending a hand? Do you want to see change and light? This is your opportunity.

This is our community. These are our neighbors. These are our family members. People have sat around watching and waiting for someone else to help for far too long. Change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with US. We need to unify, focusing on our similarities and acknowledging real differences, to work together. It’s time we start Taking Care Of our families, friends, and neighbors. As we do, others will join us.

This is a movement. A movement of people who want to make a real difference in the world. This is the essence of Life Enforcement, and this is the essence of leadership; Taking Care Of others. And you’re invited.

LEADERSHIP OTHERJoin us in this series, “The T-Code to Leadership” as we explore how to make tangible differences in our world. We’ll take a look into how we can bring about these changes by sharing what leadership is; what it looks like; why it matters; how we can be leaders now; ways we can apply these skills today; and other topics relevant to transforming your life and the lives of those around you.

You can make a difference. If you don’t believe you can, TCO’d or “Take Care Of” that first. Believe you can make a difference. Start following the T-Code.

Action Steps:

1. Learn more about the T-Code HERE

2. Spread the word: Share this article, share our website, or share an encouraging message below.

3. Leave your comments, questions, or ideas for future topics below. We’d love to hear from you and address real issues and questions you’re facing.

4. Write down one issue you’ve seen in the last week that you’d like to address and see changed.

Please don’t forget to read join us next month when we discuss “What does Leadership Look Like?” and how we can make real life applications today to grow as leaders.

Thank you for reading this monthly article in The T-Code to Leadership. We welcome your comments, likes, and shares. The more you spread the word, the greater the impact we will have and the more lives we will touch.

Don’t forget to Be Kind & TCO’d IT.

About the Author:

AUTHURDan and his wife, Kayla, own their own leadership development business: Rosenblatt Leadership Development. RLD focuses on connecting and growing people looking to make a difference in their communities, those looking for more out of life, and those seeking financial freedom. We help individuals like you to dream bigger, take control of your life, and achieve your dreams. Our vision is to help 300 families become financially independent and actualize their dreams – to see you succeed. Our heart’s desire is to touch as many lives as possible and to live lives of significance.

You are the reason I write; I want to help you; and I’m on your team.

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