Today, I picked up a stranger. 

As I drove down 4th St today, I was on a mission to get home, get dressed and go work out. I had to hurry because I have a tight schedule and a presentation later. 

But then, I noticed a young man running, which isn’t uncommon for this area. Many people use that street for their jogging exercise. But as this young man got closer, I noticed a panicked look on his face. Then that’s when I saw the red gasoline can in his hand. 

In that second I ran every thought through my mind including, what I had to get done, my safety, my this, my that and then I stopped. I stopped to wonder, what if he isn’t a danger to me and what if he could really just need help. The nearest gas station isn’t too much of a drive away, but it is quite the jog there and back. 

So I pulled over, beeped the horn politely and asked if he needed a ride. The look of relief in his eyes said it all. His body relaxed and he said, “yes please.”

He jumped in, shook my hand and introduced himself to me, and I to him. It took me 3 minutes to drive to the gas station, two minutes for him to get his gas and another 3 minutes for me to drive him to his car. 

He was so polite and when I offered to follow his vehicle back over to the gas station to take care of filling it up completely, he didn’t take advantage of my generosity. He said he was grateful enough already. 

I then asked him to do me one simple favor, and that was to return the favor by Taking Care Of someone else when he was able. He smiled and said of course. 

I picked up a stranger today… And he was definitely worth 8 minutes of my time. 

Be kind and Take Care Of our community.