capture1Hello everyone! My name is Maddie and I’m the Marketing Intern here at Life Enforcement. Since the Presidential campaigns are over, I am embracing the TCO’d campaign to “Take Care Of” those around me.

To do this, I’m going to aim for one Selfless Act of Kindness that will make someone feel “Taken Care Of” around my community, at least once a week.


This is where you guys can help me.

I need ideas that are workable for making sure the community is cared for. I also want people to join me in setting their own TCO’d goals. I will be writing at least one blog post per week about what I am doing that week and the effects it has on the recipients.

I kicked it off this week, by raking leaves for an elderly neighbor. She lives alone, after her husband passed about a year ago, and I saw her out struggling to rake the leaves. She went inside for a break, and while she was inside, my boyfriend and I went over and finished the yard and bagged the leaves. My neighbor came out as we were raking and offered to pay us, which we refused. I gave her a TCO’d card and asked her to simply pass on the act of kindness the next time she had a chance. She was so grateful and happy, that I felt amazing and it really inspired me to keep this going.

You see, things like this happens often, however, it simply isn’t shared enough. There isn’t enough inspiration going around and the fact of the matter is that your story really could bless someone else.

capture2captureFor instance, members of Life Enforcement’s Labor Force team stepped up in a huge way for several families this past weekend. The Nielsen family raked and mowed the yard of an young spirited elder of our community and amazingly included their children in the kind deed. (That is the Neilsen Family in the first picture.)

While the second picture shows the work that was completed by Life Enforcement Labor Force member Deb T. Deb knew that this elder’s yard needed to be raked and the owner simply was not able. So Deb took it upon herself to wake up in the early morning hours and tackle the project all on her own. It is because of community members like this and caring people like yourself that beautiful Selfless Acts of Kindness like these are possible.

So please, send us your beautiful stories and tell us of your own Selfless Acts of Kindness or how someone else has “Taken Care Of” someone in need. Contact us at or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

Join me on this TCO’d Journey each Friday as I step out and purposefully look for ways to randomly “Take Care Of” others in our community. And it would be my pleasure to showcase any other TCO’d stories that are shared with me. So don’t be shy, you never know who might be inspired by your kindness.

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Note: This article was written and submitted by Maddie Frank, Life Enforcement’s Marketing Intern.