Each month, Life Enforcement’s TCO’d Community Project encourages our members and community to purposefully find an opportunity to “Take Care Of” someone by performing a Selfless Act of Kindness. We then share those stories, and their experiences, to inspire kindness and generosity to spread. The following is one such story that was submitted. #TCOStories

“Today, I “Took Care Of’ someone. As many may know, I work at VAPE shop. To those that don’t know what that is, vaping is an alternative to smoking. On Monday  there was a woman that came in to the shop and she started to inquire about what vaping was and whether or not it helped people to stop smoking.

I began to explain to her what my story was and how it helped me kick my smoking habit. She then asked me the prices of various types of equipment. But then, she paused and said, “Wow, that’s a lot to fork out at one time.” So she became discouraged about not being able to afford to quit smoking this way, due to being on a fixed income and a list of other responsibilities.

Then she began to walk towards the door to leave, so I called out to her and said, “Excuse me, how many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?” She said, “Two packs and I just bought a carton so I don’t have the money to get the things to try to quit.” That’s when I told her that if she gave me the carton of cigarettes I would pay for everything she needed to get started on her journey to quit smoking cigarettes. She was shocked by what I said. She replied and said, “That is not a fair trade because my cigarettes don’t come close to the price of what you’re willing to pay.” I told her not to worry about that. She was so overwhelmed by my generosity that she began to cry. “No one has ever cared enough about me stopping smoking besides my doctors.” She had even just found out that she has emphysema and she was told she had to stop smoking the cigarettes as well. So this was the perfect time for me to “Take Care Of” her.

It felt good to care of others. When she left the store I began to cry, because that small act of kindness may have extended her life for a little while longer. TCO’d It.” -Antonio Godfrey: Life Enforcement Member.