What if you could pay for your food with an act of kindness? Well, now you can put your kindness where your money is!

TCO’d pronounced T-Code is Life Enforcement’s Selfless Acts of Kindness campaign that stands for “Take Care Of” others. Through our TCO’d campaign, we hope to dream up creative ways to inspire the generosity and kindness to spread in our community.

In 2018 Life Enforcement’s has set our focus on  showing the generosity of local businesses by collaborating with them through our TCO’d campaign!

Fond du Lac is like no other city, as many local businesses already give so much to local non profits and those in need. We just hope to shine a light on the kind acts that are already performed, while simultaneously inspiring purposeful Selfless Acts of Kindness.


That is why Life Enforcement is proud to announce the launch of our newest TCO’d project called, “Take Care Of” Discounts with a Kindness project!

Life Enforcement has partnered with 3 amazing local Businesses at the launch of this simple, yet Impactful TCO’d campaign!

It’s simple:
Our TCO’d Business partners pick a specific day and time to offer a promotional TCO’d Branded discount. But to make it exciting, we list a set of Selfless Acts of Kindness that can be performed to redeem the discount! It really is that simple, for both the customers and the business!

At launch, Life Enforcement is proud to have Fond du Lac Domino’s, Collesium Sports Bar and Grill and Urban Fuel on board! With a goal of 6 such TCO’d Discounts with Kindness business partners for this year, we are already half way there!


MARCH 21st, 2018 from 11am through 6pm

The first TCO’d Discounts with Kindness day will be hosted by Fond du Lac Domino’s on March 21st, 2018 from 11am-6pm! Domino’s will Take Care Of their patrons by offering a 50% discount on regularly priced menu pizzas and bread sticks. To redeem your discount, simply TCO’d it by writing a kind message on a sticky note and turn it in at the time of purchase! We have to mention that the TCO’d discount is good for in-store purchases and delivery purchases made over the phone, but not for online orders.
How exciting is that?!?!

Then we have Coliseum Sports Bar and Grill, who will let their patrons TCO’d Discounts with Kindness on April 22nd from 11am-5pm! This amazing group’s  dreaming up the details on their TCO’d day and information will be announced as the dates get closer!

And we are so excited to continue our collaborations with Urban Fuel Coffeehouse! Not only has Urban Fuel chosen the month of May for their TCO’d Discounts with Kindness day, but they have done so much more! Life Enforcement’s perpetual TCO’d Award plaque is proudly displayed at Urban Fuel Coffeehouse, Not only that, but Urban Fuel’s in-house coffee is served in Life Enforcement inspirational TCO’d mugs! And even still, there’s more to announce on that partnership at a later time!

So keep your eyes open as we announce even more great collaborations throughout the rest of the year! If your business would like to get involved by letting your customers “Take Care Of” Discounts with Kindness please contact Life Enforcement at info@lifeenforcement.com with TAKE CARE OF DISCOUNTS as the subject!

And remember, it is simple, pick one month, one day and a specific time frame for your business TCO’d Discounts with Kindness day! #FDLKindnessDiscounts

Be Kind and Take Care Of others with Kindness