First, please allow me to take this time to thank you all for your commitment to Life Enforcement. Although I also must thank you for believeing in me and my dream. You are here for a reason and I know it’s to see Life Enforcement grow into something incredibly inspirational.


We have created a section for “Discussion Forums”. These specific “forum” posts will assist us in collaborating, sharing ideas and strategizing plans. They will allow us to work on individual projects or discussions, in ways that a group messaging conversation can not clearly accomplish. They can be found in the drop down menu under “My Profile” and from there, “Discussion Forums.”

That being said, everything I do is a part of many plans that I have. These plans are being set to address the direction I would like to see us go in. It will also allow for both our leadership and membership to be better engaged. This post is no different, but we are at a point where I am realizing I need to share my plans to better involve you and to ensure we are on the same page. Hopefully, this will better establish that we are a team and Life Enforcement’s success is dependent on our work ethic and collaboration.

Below I will state the areas I am attempting to address and we will then work together to tackle these items to better establish Life Enforcement’s structure.

You will need to provide feedback and refer to your positions to best gauge where your Leadership is needed. If open discussion is not occuring, assignments may be given to ensure continued involvement and success.



1. Board Structure:

I’m so proud of how far we have come. We are incredibly close to standing on solid ground here. At our meeting on Thursday October 13th, we will be voting in and transitioning our Steering Committee members to being Official Board of Directors members.

This is incredibly serious and we must treat it as such. There is much work to be done as a Board member of an organization as young as ours.


So I ask of you the following:

A. Please comment below with the Board position that you would like to be considered for at the meeting. Those being, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member and Volunteer Services Director and 4 available general Board of Directors positions.

Each of us will need the following at that meeting:

• To come dressed in all black dress clothes with burgundy accents, (ties for men.)

• A short statement saying why you’re a part of Life Enforcement’s team, what inspires you and how you plan to make a difference in our community through your role in Life Enforcement. (What is your hope here?). Please utilize our slogan of “Take care Of” while preparing this.

• Be ready to discuss our plan to fill our Board of Directors seats with quality professionals that will enhance Life Enforcement and our goal to “Take Care Of” our community.

•Have prepared your initial plan on how you will “Take Care Of” Life Enforcement through your position. For instance, I noticed that our members are not engaging actively in conversations, sharing of ideas and events. Therefore, that leads us to our next Area of Interest.

2. Membership Engagement

I am greatly focused on member engagement right now. Because of this, I plan to activate a Discussion Forum to encourage communication, I plan to integrate membership into our website while simultaneously integrating message boards for open communication, I plan to have a Member and Volunteer Coordinator trained from our client membership and I also plan to begin finding leadership roles and responsibilities for our current membership. As you can see, I am very passionate about member engagement. Please come prepared to discuss an Area of Interest you’re passionate about and have some initial ideas of how you propose to address that idea.

3. Website Utilization

We have an amazing website that is underutilized. We have to work together to fix this. I find this incredibly important to engaging our members having having them feel as though they are actual Life Enforcement members. So lets come up with a plan to drive members to the website.

This can be done by:

  1. Useful Discussion Board Forums.
  2. A TCO’d submission form.
  3. Allowing membership to submit their very own TCO’d articles to be published to the website etc. Then planning those events out with our members.
  4. TCO’d of the month, where each month the members have to come up with a spot lighted way to TCO’d and we will then encourage everyone to TCO’d in that specific way. The one selecting that TCO’d idea would then write an article explaining how to TCO’d in that way and encourage people to submit pictures and posts of when that TCO’d is performed.

4. Community Engagement

I truly believe in “Taking Care Of” our community. But we also have to inspire the community to take care of the community itself. Therefore, we have to launch and strategize an exciting TCO’d campaign. Showcasing selfless acts of kindness and encouraging it through our campaign. This is where we can work with our Marketing Intern Maddie.

Your thoughts…

With this being said, I need to hear from you all. I want to know your ideas, how to best utilize your skills and what you’re expecting from me.


My goal through Life Enforcement is to have fun blessing and Taking Care Of our community, but I recognize that all of this upfront “homework” might take away the fun element for some of you. However, as Board and Steering Committee members that is our job; it is our job to Take Care Of these structural and procedural things to ensure a fun experience for our members and volunteers. By doing this right now will ensure that Life Enforcement will be self sustaining later, which will leave room for even our Board to get back to facing nothing but fun.

Sound off below. Navigate through the website, look at suggestions you can give and areas that need to be addressed. Test this out so that we can be proud transitioning our membership to the website.

Thank you,

Keywon Brown

Life Enforcement President