How would you react to a stranger wanting to pay $100 worth of your grocery bill?

Be Kind & TCO’d It…

Sometimes the feeling to Be Kind & TCOd it just comes out of no where and you just have to find a way to bless someone lol.

Well that just happened to me as I went to drop off paperwork for Life Enforcement’s upcoming Brat Frys at Festival Foods on May 16th & 17th.

I pulled into the parking lot and there was a man with a sign that said, “Trying to get home, anything helps.” I struggled with blessing him because of an incident in the past and some of all of our preconceived notions that it’s probably a scam. In the end, I couldn’t do what he asked, but I did TCO’d him and pay for a cab ride. But now, I had this itch and needed to do more to “Take Care Of” someone else and hopefully inspire them to bless someone else.

So I found a wonderful woman and her family so happy and caring with smiles on their faces. I went up to them, knowing nothing about them and told them that, “This is a little embarrassing, but could you please do me a favor?” By this time, the rest of the family was a bit of a ways away as they packed the bags. One wonderful woman was still near the register as she prepared to pay. It was her that I had approached.

She and the cashier looked at me and I truly was embarrassed. As stepping out of my shell to bless & inspire others in this fashion is nerve wrecking. You don’t know how they will respond. And you have to explain why you are doing this, without appearing as though you are looking for something other than to inspire them. This isn’t normal. But maybe that will change sometime soon.

I then asked if she would allow me to pay for $100 off their grocery bill. The bewildered look on her beautiful face was amazing. She asked what I’d said and I repeated it. She then tapped the shoulder of someone whom was with her and said, “Are you hearing this?” And that woman then asked what was going on. She was told that this random man wanted to pay for $100 of their groceries. Her response was, “Then what?” I just smiled and said, “That’s it. I look for ways to bless others and I’m hoping you’d give me this opportunity. And if you find the opportunity to bless someone else in the future, I just ask that you do so.”

They all smiled and said they couldn’t believe it. The cashier then said, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?” I responded quietly, “Yes, yes I am.”

The woman then said that she was touched and felt lucky and blessed. They allowed me to “Take Care Of” $100 of her grocery bill. And I did so nervously. See this is something I feel compelled to do. But I can feel their eyes on me, their smiles gleaming, and their thoughts questioning.

But it was a blessing to see how touched they were and how receptive they were. I know that we very well may have blessed 1000 more people through that one act. I know they will TCO’d others. I know they will talk about this random guy who came out of no where and blessed them. I know they were inspired & they will inspire others.

Thank you.
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