Eye opening video below.

What’s in a Photograph?

b57e71cec0_canon-austrtlia-the-lab-decoy-portrait-session-with-a-twist-7How do you see me? We say, don’t judge a book by its cover, but then, isn’t that exactly what the cover is made for? First impressions define our initial opinions of one another, and they have incredible lasting effects. But what if a rumor precedes our first interaction? Would it change your perspective? Would it affect how you interact with me? Make you avoid me? Or would you be able to see past it and let your own personal interaction with me form your opinion?

Our point of view shapes our experiences, but most importantly, our creations. This is never truer, than a portrait being created by a photographer.

The Lab in conjunction with Canon Australia created the incredibly eye opening video below. Six different photographers, one portrait subject and an unexpected twist.


Each photographer was tasked with capturing this man’s essence. However, beforehand, each one was given misinformation regarding the person being photographed.

As each photographer prepped for their individual photo-shoot with the subject, they were told a little bit about him.

How would you capture the essence of an ex-inmate, or a self-made millionaire? Would you see a hero differently than a so called psychic?

In truth, Michael is none of these things. Yet, each of the portraits depict him as 6 different people, despite being only one man. The point of view of the photographer shapes those portraits and dictated how the photographers captured the images.

It’s incredible to see how this experiment, called “Decoy”, unfolds as the 6 photographer’s portraits are revealed. Watch the video and see how preconceived notions affect our interactions and interpretations of others. And subsequently, how we treat each other.

Now admittedly, this is more of a representation of all of these things, as photography in this sense is more of a collaboration. Michael played a part of the different characters. So I would have liked to have seen it done differently, with the misinformation being given. But Michael playing the exact same character for each one. Yet the message is the same. Our opinions shape our view points. Comment with your thoughts below.

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[Via Shutterbug]

[Credit for all photographs and video: Canon Australia]