The difference between success and failure is a great team.


Membership Team:

Membership & Volunteer Services Director: Bishop Haywood

Membership & Volunteer Services Consultant: Deb Tauer

Membership Team Member: Keywon Brown

PURPOSE: The purpose of this forum is to allow a clear and concise exchange between myself and the Membership Team. Here, I will be able to share my goals and vision for the team, along with timelines for those goals. Likewise, this will allow the Membership Team Members to share their goals and suggestions. From there, we can develop a Plan of Action and enter updates in red to this post to document our progress. At any point this post can be password protected if needed.

I will first lay out my current goals and dates of importance, and will then edit this Discussion Forum to reflect suggestions and ideas from the team. Continue to check back here to keep track of assignments and goals that have been and need to be completed. Thank you.


1. First, Bishop Haywood and Deb Tauer need to introduce themselves to the members as the newly formed Membership & Volunteer Services Team.

Advising that: “The reason the team was put together was to better engage our members, share information with them, and allow better input from our membership base in Life Enforcement events and partnerships. We are working on finding great avenues for our member’s unique talents, skills and creativeness to be showcased through our media outlets. While also developing great avenues to allow our members to submit their ideas, write inspiring articles and create an overall better feeling of being a part of the Life Enforcement Team. And we would like to kick that off by announcing that we are looking for a motivated Life Enforcement member to be trained as our Member and Volunteer Services Coordinator. This position reports directly to the Director of Member & Volunteer Services and would be responsible for engaging our member and volunteer base, maintaining our member and volunteer list along with other duties that enhance our member and volunteer experience. If interested go ahead and comment below and we will then contact you to get you the information needed to move forward with the application process.”

Please note that this is an example that is subject to change after you all give your input.

2. All Board, Steering Committee, Coordinator and Leaders will have their photographed head shots taken on October 13 at 6:30pm. Deb Tauer, this is your invitation to attend that meeting at 6;30pm to have your picture taken. Please wear all black with burgundy accents or a burgundy tie.

3. By Thursday October 13, 2016 each of us will need to provide a short Bio as well as a short explanation of your inspiration for joining Life Enforcement and our Member & Volunteer Services Team along with how you plan to make a difference in that area. Very short statement, like:

NAME: John Smith

Occupation: Engineer

Company: Dualcast Digital

“I have long been inspired not only by Life Enforcement’s message, but the execution of their message to “Take Care Of” our community. It’s one thing to say what needs to be done, however, it’s another to be proactive in finding fun ways to inspire others to take action in blessing our community. That is why I had to get involved with Life Enforcement in a significant way. As the Member and Volunteer Services Coordinator, I can’t wait to organize and empower our members and volunteers by providing opportunities volunteer and head up Life Enforcement’s TCO’d Projects.

These will be posted on the website under our leadership tab.


4. TCO’d event and idea submissions

A form is being created to allow the simple submission of TCO’d ideas that we each have, as well as ideas that we get from the public. I have found that many people have great ideas, however, it is counter productive for leadership to take their ideas and run with them. We take the excitement and drive to get involved away from our members by doing that. Therefore, this form will serve the purpose of recording TCO’d ideas, keeping an ongoing list of ideas, and encouraging those that submit ideas to head up those projects and see them through.

it should have at the very least:

Name, email address, phone number, title of event/idea, a text box to describe the idea, a text box to advise what their action plan is to have the event/idea be successful.

This is where I am asking for your thoughts and opinions on this form. Can you provide suggestions on how best to word these sections?

5. A generic Welcome Letter should be drafted to send to each new member, thanking them for joining, advising of the discussion forums, and contact information for the Member and Volunteer Services Team. The membership team will also be responsible for ensuring that each new member receives a Life Enforcement T-shirt, 5 TCO’d cards and a “Official TCO’d Member” window decal.

That being said, does this team want an email to provide to the members? could be a good choice. Otherwise, how would you like to be contacted?

6. I would have Deb to provide her expertise to not only the soon to be trained Member and Volunteer Services Coordinator, but to this team as a whole.

Our main goal as the Membership Team is to find ways to consistently engage our membership, while keeping them informed and active.

Please use the comments section below to communicate and share ideas.

Thank you,

Keywon Brown


Life Enforcement