Inspiring tomorrow’s generation, today!

Yesterday Life Enforcement presented at St. Mary’s Springs Academy’s Leadership Summit. Students from several schools came to participate in an amazing program.

Our topic? Taking Care Of others by Servicing Our Community.

We inspired the students to Take Care Of others by performing purposeful and positive Selfless Acts Of Kindess in the community and at school. We asked that they realize that Life has no remote. And we need to GET UP to change it ourselves.

The students were tasked with two projects.
1. Write Random Acts of Kindness on strips of paper. Those Random Acts of Kindness ideas were placed in buckets for the schools to take back with them. Then throughout the school year, they will be able to pull a Random Act of Kindness from the bucket and carry out the kind act!

2. Four students were selected to to recieve a small gift. But then, they needed to select someone from the audience to give their gift to, and explain why they selected that person!

Answers ranged from, “Because she’s and amazing friend”, to “because they mean so much to me.” Hugs were give and kindness spread.

We look forward to being involved in the future.

Be Kind and #TCOfdl!