When Life Enforcement learned of the horrific injuries sustained by Matt and Mariah, it was heart breaking.

Imagine, going for a joyful motorcycle ride with the person you love. Then a wreckless, intoxicated person, driving a 2-3 ton truck, crashes into your motorcycle and takes off, leaving you for dead.

That’s exactly what happened to Matt and Mariah, who were left with terrifying injuries following the Hit & Run accident.

The Hit & Run accident occurred on September 23, 2017, yet Matt and Mariah still suffer from the injuries today.

On that night, Matt and Mariah were on Matt’s motorcycle traveling East on 60, when the truck started passing multiple vehicles. The truck merged back into the Eastbound lane, and sideswiped the motorcycle, which caused the motorcycle to lose control.

Matt and Mariah were both thrown from the motorcycle. The truck then fled the scene, without a care for Matt and Mariah’s wellbeing.

Life Enforcement would later be contacted by Kym Ratliff who informed us of a benefit that would be taking place at The Shack in Fond Du Lac on Saturday Feb. 3rd 2018.

She said that Matt and Mariah were the survivors, of the hit and run motorcycle accident in September of 2017. However, although the drunk driver that hit them was apprehended and did have insurance, the insurance is not enough to cover everything the young couple needed.

Matt, was diagnosed with an inoperable skull fracture, along with a punctured leg. While Mariah broke her face in 5 places and ended up having to have her face wired in many places. Which led to her needing a feeding tube and a tracheotomy.

Kym said that the community and her friends started a benefit to help raise money to cover as many costs as they possibly could for Matt and Mariah. The goal was to help in any way possible, whether it be as simple as a light bill, or extensive as medical bills.

Kym said that she had spoken to a wonderful man named Antonio Godfrey who told her that she should contact Life Enforcement, as he knew of the incredible work and kind spirit of the organization. Which made him certain that Life Enforcement would help.

Kym asked if Life Enforcement would be willing to donate a basket to be raffled off at the benefit to raise funds to help this wonderful couple. And of course we said yes.

We were excited to put together our TCO’d basket as TCO’d is an acronym that symbolizes “Taking Care Of” others in one’s community. And this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

In our TCO’d basket was a Thank you card; meant to thank whoever won the basket for “Taking Care Of” these wonderful people, a brand new Keurig coffee maker and our TCO’d mug with the motivational inscription, “Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself.”

A speedy recovery to Matt and Mariah. And a job well done to this beautiful community for coming together to “Take Care Of” those in need.

If you’d like to contribute to the benefit, come to Matt and Mariahs benefit at The Shack, W4786 WI-23 Trunk, on Saturday February 3rd, 2018 from 12pm-5pm.

Be kind and #TakeCareOfFONDDULAC.