How does your family celebrate Christmas? Surely each year we all find the perfect family traditions that bring wholesome loving memories for generations to come. With every family’s traditions being as beautiful as the next.

It’s because of that exact reason that we here at Life Enforcement are so honored to have a part in what is an incredibly inspiring family tradition that the Tynan Family has established with their daughter.

Each year, the Tynan’s reach out to Life Enforcement with hopes of finding a family to quietly adopt for Christmas. Opting only to allow us to share their story this year in hopes of inspiring others.

By coincidence, a family in need of Christmas cheer was referred to Life Enforcement and we knew exactly who to contact. The Tynans did not hesitate and took on the challenge together… as a family.

As the Tynan elves shopped, they consistently inquired about the specific interests of the amazing family that was providing them the opportunity to shop for them. And today, on December 22nd, 2017 the two families met.

Mom was grateful and graciously signed a Thank You card that was given to the Tynan Family of behalf of both Life Enforcement and the adopted family.

With all that is going on in the world, we are grateful for the love of these families. And with so much love like this going on in the world, how could we not share?

“Take Care” and don’t be afraid to share your kindness this Christmas.

Life Enforcement