Nearly 150 years later and many people still have no clue about Juneteenth and it’s importance. 

“Juneteenth marks the official end of slavery in the United States. On June 19, 1865, the last slaves in Texas were finally told they were free – a full two and half years after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

Though Juneteenth is widely celebrated across the U.S., many students, and even older adults, are still unaware of Juneteenth’s history and cultural importance.” WBHM

That’s why it’s so exciting that Life Enforcement was able to “Take Care Of” a wonderful event by being one of the sponsors for the 10th annual Juneteenth celebration put on by Ebony Vision, a Fond du Lac non-profit organization. 

This event occurred on Saturday June 16 at Buttermilk Creek Park. Life Enforcement was excited to help make this event happen because this is a historical celebration that commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the state of Texas, and more generally the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans throughout the former Confederacy of the southern United States. 

Vice President of Ebony Vision, Kyonna Henry, stated “African Americans call this holiday the black Independence Day and the day we gained our freedom. Many people think slaves were set free with the Emancipation Proclamation but slaves had no clue the Emancipation Proclamation even happened until 2 years later when General Granger went to Galveston Texas with his troops and read General Order number 3 declaring no more slavery. Formally enslaved people rejoiced in the streets and since then it has been known as Juneteeth.”

Fond du Lac’s Juneteenth event was wonderful with over 300 people in attendance, a soul food booth, activities for the children, numerous vendors, a DJ, live band, basketball tournament, raffles, door prizes and an all around celebration of freedom. For pictures, videos and more on Juneteenth please visit the Ebony Vision website


Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. This is a grand day in our Nation’s history and we should definitely “Take Care Of” spreading this important knowledge.