Every couple months, a different set of Life Enforcement member are tasked with going out into the community and finding a intentional way to Take Care Of (TCO’d, pronounced TCO’d) others in our community. Below is the story submitted by FDL Domino’s Manager Sandy Ritchie and her daughter, Cassie Ritchie. 
On June 12th, 2018 Sandy and Cassie Ritchie set out to make people smile at a Fond du Lac Dock Spiders game.
Armed with 5 TCO’d envelopes with $5.00 in each of them and also a bunch of singles, these two motivated women hit the stadium.
Their 1st stop, the concession stand.
Sandy said, “We gave 2 young girls our 5 envelopes and told them to pick 5 random people to Take Care Of the cost of their snacks. The girls smiles went from ear to ear.”
“We saw the 1st envelope being handed out and the mom was impressed! We then continued to the game,” said Cassie.
Unfulfilled with not being able to see people smile, Sandy decided to give the ticket taker at the fun house a bunch of singles and told her to let as many people in as she could.
Sandy said that, from their seats they could see the kids smile. Cassie said that they could also see the smile of the young lady who was letting the kids and their families in!
“So far we have seen not only the recipients, but the people handing out the money, with huge smiles. And what fun that is,” said Sandy.
After the game the manager of the concessions thanked both Sandy and Cassie.
“What a fun experience! I want to win the lottery and do this as my job!” Sandy said of the experience.
Well, on behalf of those whose lives you touched and the Life Enforcement community as a whole, thank you both for Taking Care Of our community!
Be kind and Take Care Of others!