Written by: Jennifer Smith – Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Fond du Lac

Open a book to kindness!

On Saturday March 10th, FDL Domino’s Manager Sandy Ritchie headed to the FDL library with her daughter and grandson. They brought with them $25 and 100 positive messages. They called their TCO’d operation, Project Shhh! Their goal? To give the gift of kindness to as many people as they could.

Sandy decided to focus on the “On Hold” books because she knew they were books someone wanted. Sandy’s grandson had the time of his life putting $1 bills into the books along with positive messages for the books owners to find.

Sandy said “We saw one teenage girl find the money. She was shocked and confused, then she asked the help desk what was going on? They told her to simply enjoy her new found money, it was the best feeling ever!”

Sandy’s act of kindness is one of many spreading through FDL County. Sandy and many others are becoming part of Life Enforcement’s mission to TCO’d or Take Care of. We are excited to see what Project Shhh has planned next!

Be Kind and “Take Care Of” Others…

TCO’d It!