img_3344Samantha Nett embodies the amazing #TCOd spirit and she probably doesn’t even know it! On Thursday November 17th, a post on a popular Facebook group was forwarded on to us showing a kind woman offering to “Take Care Of” another family this Thanksgiving. Then going a step further and encouraging the community to post positive messages as she found whom she would blessed.img_3346

Then there’s our good friends Kristin H. and Donna V. who both realized that they were blessed with extra Thanksgiving Turkeys and asked that we find a family to give them to! As well as an awesome person who bought and paid for a full Thanksgiving Dinner for 4 in our name!

It’s because of people like this that we do what we do! Our goal is to inspire others to get excited and be just as generous as these great people are.
So, follow our lead and post this message online if you have a meal or Turkey to give away and “Take Care Of” someone this Thanksgiving!


“Looking to “Take Care Of” a family for Thanksgiving! My family was blessed with an over abundance and we want to bless someone else!
Comment below with what you’re Thankful for and I will private message the person(s) we are lucky enough to bless!
Be kind & #TCOdFDL

Be sure to specify what you have to offer in your post however.

We already have amazing people responding and stepping up to TCOd IT! Like Carrie A. providing a full Thanksgiving meal for a family!

This is: