Being cold and or homeless is hard enough without having to fight the brutal Wisconsin winter weather. Yet, each year there are many that have no choice. That is precisely why Bread of Life Church decided to team up with Life Enforcement to make a difference.


Bishop Haywood of Bread of Life Church said that it was in early February that Bread of Life Church received word that there was a need for another daytime Warming Shelter. The City of  Fond du Lac had long stepped up to “Take Care Of” those in need in the community. That included opening several warming shelters that have been open through the years from 6pm through 7am during the winter months. However, it was in early 2018 that questions arose of what those individuals were to do during the day, seeing how it clearly is not only cold at night.

Well on February 12th, 2018 Bread of Life Church opened their doors to their Daytime Warming Shelter, open Monday through Friday from 7am though 6pm. This provided a warm place for those that otherwise had no place else to go, or who otherwise were kicked out of other businesses. A place that not only shielded them from the cold winter elements, but thanks to Domino’s of Fond du Lac, they also received a meal each day at 11:30am. The daytime warming shelter was dreamed up through FAMA, Fond du Lac Area Ministers Association and involved others such as Covenant United Methodist Church and the Fond du Lac Public Library Director, Jon Mark Bolthouse. Just a wonderful collaborative effort all around.

Pastor Brian Hastings of Memorial Baptist Church said that the daytime warming shelter was birthed from a conversation between him and on Mark. “Jon Mark has been an important partner in working with folks who are homeless and others who use the library as a place of refuge and support. The library literally opened its doors early this past year to help bridge the gap between when the Salvation Army warming shelter closed for the morning and when the library opened,” said Pastor Brian Hastings


Then it was noticed that there are so many out there who are not properly clothed for the weather. Even if they had a place to go, getting there would be difficult, at best, since they didn’t have proper hats, gloves, warming packs or even socks.

Jhe’nae Robinson, Bread of Life Church’s Administrative Assistant said that, “There’s many times that you will see someone outside walking, whether a child walking to school or a parent walking to run errands, and they look like they are freezing. You know it’s cold and they don’t have any gloves, hat or other garments to protect them from the elements. Then I feel helpless, because I can’t help them right then and there. Although, I could and would give the gloves or coat right off my back, that’s just a one time solution for one person.” So Jhe’nae and Bread of Life Church teamed up with Life Enforcement to build warmth kits for those that are stuck in the cold in the community!

“But it goes further than that,” said Keywon Brown of Life Enforcement. “Yes the goal is to create these amazing TCO’d Warmth Kits, but more so to bring proactiveness in kindness to the forefront of everyone’s mind.” TCO’d, pronounced T-Code, is an acronym that means to “Take Care Of” something or someone. In this case, the group would like to “Take Care Of” providing warmth to those without. Bread of Life Church and Life Enforcement want to provide the community with what they are calling the TCO’d Warmth Kits recipe. Their kits include, 1 hat, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of socks and even 2 hand warmers, with the hand warmers being graciously donated by the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Funds to purchase the necessary items came from a joint effort between Life Enforcement and Thrivent Financial’s Action Team. The TCO’d Warmth Kits also come with a beautiful message on a card that  says, “Stay Warm & Take Care Of Yourself. A Gift of Warmth from Your Friends at Life Enforcement & Bread of Life Church.”


Life Enforcement and Bread of Life Church’s TCO’d Warmth Kits team encourages everyone to think ahead and make their own TCO’d Warmth Kits and keep them in the trunk of your vehicle, or glove compartment. We can even take this time to talk to our children abut being prepared to “Take Care Of” someone in need. You never know when you’d be blessed with the opportunity to “Take Care Of” someone else and you definitely don’t want to miss out, so be prepared with your own TCO’d Warmth Kit.

Be Kind and Take Care Of others this winter.