If you aren't ready, get ready... TCO'd your game!
Count Down to TCO'd These Community Basketball Games!



ball-hard-175x110Life Enforcement hopes to fill a long standing void for some of the young adults in Fond du Lac. Many are looking for a fun way to be healthy and active, we plan to help.
On Wednesdays of each week, Life Enforcement plans to host TCO’d Basketball Nights for young adults.
This is our way to encourage unity and out reach in our community where many are typically turned away. To give a positive outlet for our community members while encouraging positivity through physical activity.
See Calendar with scheduled gym times below
Life Enforcement TCO’d Basketball Rules:
  1. Life Enforcement President Keywon Brown is in charge here. His goal will be to manage the times and also ensure a respectable and safe experience for everyone involved.
  2. $2 per player, per week to play.
    We all will “Take Care Of” the weekly fee of $10 per hour of gym use.
  3. No swearing. We will remember and be aware of where we are. You represent Life Enforcement and we all must hold each other accountable to leave a positive image.
  4. No arguing. We understand that basketball is passionate. However, we must keep arguments to a minimum, while respecting disagreements quickly.
  5. BE ON TIME! SHOW UP 10 MINUTES EARLY! We know the frustration that comes around with starting late. Be respectful of others time and be prompt in arriving and getting dressed.
  6. Prepare for the potential to get involved in our community at some point. Life Enforcement is a non-profit organization who looks for creative ways to “Take Care Of” our community. Christmas is around the corner and many people are in need, we aim to show that blessing others is fun, exciting and something to be proud of.
  7. Bring equal number of Dark Shirts and Light Shirts
More can be added at a later time.
Be Kind and “Take Care Of” our community.
TCO’d Basketball Gymnasium Location
Thank you St. Peters Lutheran Church for your generosity.
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