She can hide her face, but nothing can hide that beautiful voice…

adele againSo I guess I am out of the loop, as I didn’t know that Adele impersonators were a thing. Of course, there are amazing cover artists who do amazing things with her soul touching songs. But actual impersonators, that was new to us here.

Adele and BBC’s Graham Norton pulled off a phenomenal prank on some unsuspecting Adele impersonators at an audition. She did a great job of hiding her identity with some make-up, a false nose, false cheeks, smaller looking lips and tattoo cover ups. She even acted nervous and timid to perform.

Some of the Adele impersonators even felt sorry for Adele’s “Jenny” persona. It was hilarious, knowing that it was just a ruse, and the impersonators had no clue they were talking with a fan favorite. I wonder if any of them tried to give her pointers?


But reality finally set in the minute she opened her mouth and sang on that stage. Any grins formed by jest, or any eye looking on in pity for “Jenny” the shy and awkward new comer, soon turned to disbelief. It got very serious, very quick. Our laughter turned to astonishment. Adele’s voice is truly unmistakably beautiful. These guys could not comprehend what they were hearing. The woman on the left here, her body tensed up as she tried to comprehend what was unfolding before her.

Minds were blown this day…

IMG_2151One of the women was in complete denial. She refused to believe that the awkward woman named “Jenny” could possibly be the infamous Adele. And then you gradually see reality hit her like a bag of bricks and it literally blows her mind. It was incredibly cute to see the group go through the various stages of denial, disbelief, astonishment and finally pure joy. It was a heartwarming rollercoaster ride. Ending in eyes, welled up with tears.

An experience, never to be forgotten.

We share this story, not because we are some huge Adele fans. We share it because of the story’s beauty. These women were experiencing the times of their lives and did not even know it. Adele did not have to surprise these beautiful women. But she did. She “Took Care Of” 5 amazing fans and gave them a story they can share for a lifetime. We need more stories like this.

Here’s the video in all it’s heartwarming glory. Enjoy and don’t be stingy. Share this amazing video with all your friends. Let them have some fun as well.

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