5 Creative Ways to TCO’d It & “Take Care Of” Others in Our Community!
#LifeEnforcement #TCO’dIt

TCO’d is Life Enforcement’s random acts of kindness & generosity campaign (Pronounced T-Code). Through TCO’d we hope to bless people and lift their spirits through random acts of kindness!

Here’s 5 ways we all can TCO’d it right here in our community or anywhere for that matter! Be sure to leave a TCO’d card or TCO’d note to inspire them to pay it forward!


People tend to hit the streets with their signs when they are upset. Why not do the same thing and organize a TCO’d Kindness Rally while we are happy and merry?!?!

Make your signs and posters and plaster them with kind words and encouraging statements!!! For example:

“Take Care Of yourself, the beautiful person in your mirror needs you!”
“Honk for super HIGH Fives!!!” (And then jump and high five for every beep of the horn)

“If you want to hear how amazing you are, then TELL US RIGHT NOW!!! SAY “I’M AN AMAZING PERSON!!!” NO, SCREAM IT!!!

We are positive you all can think of more! Be Creative!

Let’s Be Kind & TCO’d it with our Protests against Negativity!

2. Random Secret Admirer

Buy some roses or flowers and hand them out to random people telling them that you were sent with a message from a secret admirer. Say something like:

“Hi, this rose was sent to you and it has a message. You are a beautiful person with a heart of gold. Many people may not get you, but I do. I love you so much and you deserve every bit of my unconditional love.”

And then ask, whom might this admirer be? Then say “IT’S YOU! And I can see why you’d care so much about yourself!” Then leave them with the TCO’d card and flowers!

Be Kind & TCO’d it!

3. Random Grocery Winners!!!

Go to a grocery store and randomly pay part of someone’s grocery bill! You can do this once by yourself, or for a bigger impact, get a group of friends to join in on the generous fun!

Typically, groceries are for a family, this can be a financial burden relief that many families would appreciate. And the random aspect of it will surely touch some hearts.

We can do the same at a coffee shop, restaurant or sandwich shop! And then leave the TCO’d card to inspire them to Be Kind & TCO’d it!


Get a group of friends with snow blowers and shovels and go to a neighborhood. Shovel everyone’s sidewalks and ask permission to do their driveways for them for free as well.

It’d be a beautiful and amazing thing. But most importantly, be respectful and safe. Then leave the TCO’d card to inspire them to Be Kind & TCO’d it!

5. Personal TCO’ding VIDEOS & JOURNALING!

Once per day, for one week, tell yourself how great you are and note your accomplishments.
Write it in a journal, say it in the shower, say it in the mirror. MAKE A SHORT VIDEO and tell yourself what is good about you, what you like about yourself and how blessed you are. Post it publicly on social media, or save it for yourself to see later. You deserve it! You are amazing!!!


The TCO’d card links us all to Life Enforcement and identifies our specific purpose for spreading kindness, generosity and inspiration.

Life Enforcement is linked to this particular community and it is a beautiful thing to see our reach. Seeing this reach will hopefully inspire others to get involved in spreading joy as they can see that they are making a difference.

We want to inspire this community, so help us spread the word, spread the joy and get everyone involved with helping better this community.

Be Kind & TCO’d it!
#LifeEnforcement #TCO’dIt