Christmas… A time for happiness, joy, cheer, family and an over flowing of love. A time when we slow down to welcome each other with open arms as we run gleefully to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. It’s infectious you know? The kind heartedness of a stranger paying for your coffee, the stories of great things happening to those that are deserving in our communities, or that special time that several people come together to bless someone in need. Seeing the accounts of things like this online can leave you bubbling over with love and happiness, wishing we could have something like that happen in our own city…


Life Enforcement feels the exact same way. We love seeing harrowing tales of good deeds that spread across the internet and into our lives and hearts. But we also want to see that happen right here in our own city. Because we know, that right here in Fond du Lac, there are so many people deserving of a beautiful night out.

People who are lonely and sad as they gaze at the bustling families going along their merry way, as they wish for the comfort of their loved ones to be near. We know that somewhere out there is someone who is putting in extra hours to “Take Care Of” others in their lives and haven’t the time for themselves as they give of themselves day after day.

We know that there are mothers and fathers out there, working day in and day out to provide for their families, only to come up short when trying to make this Christmas extra special. Families who can not afford the luxury of a bountiful meal for one special night when they have to think about every day after. There are families who can’t afford the luxury to see the look in their loved one’s eyes when they are given the most beautiful of gifts. We know that despite the presence of money, or the lack thereof, love and appreciation is present in all of us. And it is a luxury that no one person should be denied.


Life Enforcement’s 2017 Friends and Family Christmas Dinner will be held on December 20th, 2017 at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at, 795 Fond du Lac Av. Fond du Lac, WI 54935.

Life Enforcement will host our 3rd Annual Friends and Family Christmas Dinner with hopes of yet again blessing 100+ children and their families with an elegant Christmas banquet dinner, with all the fixings of a beautiful experience. Our goal is to raise enough to fund this amazing night and then provide the community with the opportunity to quietly nominate those that are deserving, to be our respected and most important guests on this beautiful night. We do everything that we can to make this night one of the more glamorous nights that we are capable of, because our community deserves it. With the glistening lights, elegant cloth covered round tables, smiling faces of the hosts and hostesses, carefully wrapped gifts for the children and a night of fun, we aim to ensure that those attending see their worth.

So who do you know that would be deserving of such a beautiful Christmas night? Whom do you know of that you could secretly bless by nominating them for a magical night of fun and happiness amongst friends? Whom have you seen out and about in our community that you know deserves a night of joyous relaxation and how can you bless them? You can, in the simplest way possible… by Nominating them. Tell us their brief story and why you’ve nominated them and we will make that heart warming call to tell them that someone thought so much of them that they wished them a Merry Christmas in the most beautiful way possible. You can Nominate someone here:



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$1,001 and over
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This time of year is when Life Enforcement receives it’s most generous of support. This support not only sponsors our annual Friends and Family Christmas Dinner, but carries us through the following year and ensures we are able to continue our mission to “Take Care Of” our community.
The picture here shows the monetary commitment we have to bless these deserving families this Christmas for this amazing event. However, we are out in our community blessing others continuously and outside of this event.

There are several ways that you can help make this event possible, and we appreciate any and all that you are able to do. And know that any and all contributions matter. For instance, $24 is enough to “Take Care Of” the meals for two people at our dinner. While those that would like to support as a sponsor, please see the Sponsorship Levels below.

Life Enforcement’s mission to “Take Care Of” our community in fun and creative ways has only been successful because of our community support and it will continue because of it.